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Welcome to NickAbbot.com, the official unofficial directory of Nick Abbot web sites on the net. This independent site - run by Nick's listeners - keeps you in touch with all the fan sites out there. So start clicking...

Nick Abbot's phone-in is every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00pm-1:00am on LBC Radio!

Who is this Nick Abbot guy?
Nick Abbot is a popular British phone-in presenter. He has a Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening phone-in on LBC Radio and presents a weekly light-hearted podcast with Carol McGiffin.

That name sounds familiar...
Nick's been here, there, and everywhere, baby. You may remember him from his days at Radio Luxembourg, Virgin 1215, Talk Radio, Real Radio or Planet Rock. By the way, it's not Nick Abbott or Nick Abott. It's Nick Abbot - two bees, one tee.

OK, so how can I tune in?
LBC Radio, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, 10:00pm-1:00am
FM: 97.3FM in the South East
AM: 1152AM in the South East
DAB: On the Digital 1 mux across the UK
Sky: Channel 0123
Virgin Media: Channel 919
Freeview: Channel 732
Freesat: Channel 734
Internet: www.lbc.co.uk

How do I listen to the podcasts?
For more details on the Nick Abbot's Podcasts please visit the official Global site or search for the podcasts in your favourite podcast app on your phone or computer.

What kind of radio show does he do?
Nick's most famously known for his light hearted phone-in based shows about anything and everything. In the past he didn't do topics. It was like pub chat, just stuff you'd say to your mates in the pub or over the garden wall; what you did today or who you did over the weekend, see anything good on TV? Inconsequential chatter. You may not have got it at first but after a while it would "open like a beautiful flower."

These days Nick does a slightly more serious show on LBC but with some of the old Abbot humour thrown in when the opportunity arises.

Nick has also co-hosted many great shows with Carol McGiffin over the years on Talk Radio and LBC 1152.

Why have you stolen his domain?
We haven't. Way back in 1998 we asked Nick if we could register the domain name NickAbbot.com to be used as a link to the many fan sites out there. He very kindly agreed.

Disclaimer: This site is in no way connected to Nick Abbot or any radio station, the webmaster and contributors are merely fans of Nick's radio shows.

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